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Salsa Clasica

Salsa Clasica

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A classic homemade salsa that is the perfect accompaniment for your favorite dishes. This salsa can be used at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The classic creates the best huevos ranchero, ignites your favorite taco and makes the best chile con queso dip you've ever tasted. Don't forget you can always just dip your favorite tortilla chip. The classic can also be customized since we don't add onion or garlic. Create your own version by adding aromatics and cilantro. Just mix it up and make it your own signature sauce.
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How hot is The Sauce?

Yes, it's a hot sauce and hot.

How does your product ship?

We ship the product ssecurely so that it arrives safely to your home or office.

Can you cook with The Sauce?

Absolutley. We encourage cooking with The Sauce because it brings out so much flavor to your end product. Experiement with The Sauce and create your own dishes. We use this in Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, and American cuisines. Try it and get lost in our sauce.